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Eating & drinking in style

On a cruise with Celebrity Cruises you can enjoy the finest dishes in a unique ambience. We serve timeless dishes as well as dishes inspired by new trends. Artfully presented, the culinary experience makes your trip a very special event. Whether elegant in our main restaurant and the special specialty restaurants or casual in the Oceanview Café and Bistro on Five - there is something for every taste on board.

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Specialty Dining

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The trip

It is the first signature restaurant at sea conceived by world-renowned chef Daniel Boulud, our global culinary ambassador - Le Voyage by Daniel Boulud. As the name suggests, the main inspiration for the delicious dishes created by chef Daniel Boulud is travel. The flavors from around the world that he brings to his menus take you to the very places that inspired him. Dining at Le Voyage by Daniel Boulud is like taking a culinary journey around the world—without even leaving your table.

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Fine Cut Steakhouse

Due to the great demand, the Fine Cut Steakhouse offers everything you could wish for from a modern steakhouse. From Japanese Wagyu Strip Loin to 45-day dry-aged prime rib on the bone with a wide range of premium sauces and toppings. Enjoy tender grass-fed lamb chops, pan-seared Maine lobster tail with creamy garlic sauce, or slow-roasted Cornish wild chicken. Alongside the delicious main courses you will find a variety of classic appetizers - so each meal offers endless combinations and you will always find exactly what you are looking for.

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Restaurant Eden

Eden Restaurant continues to offer uniquely personal culinary journeys that will delight not only your taste buds but all your senses as well. On the Celebrity Beyond you can enjoy new menus with an even larger selection of starters, main courses and desserts. In such a setting, it's not surprising that the cuisine is not only delicious, but also experiential.

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The Big Bistro

Inspired by classic French bistros, the enticing sights, smells and sounds of a bustling boulangerie-patisserie will delight you as much as the delights themselves. The ambiance changes throughout the day and a variety of seating options are available, from the walkway with planters to the interior of the Cafes with stunning sea views. A whole new experience awaits you with every visit.

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Rooftop Garden Grill

Enjoy the ultimate outdoor feeling at the Rooftop Garden Grill, perfectly located in an inviting corner of the Rooftop Garden. This location has been completely redesigned with even more seating and stylish glazing by Kelly Hoppen, CBE. The perfect place to satisfy your cravings for the finest barbecue specialties such as hickory smoked, grilled branzino or even seafood kebabs - all with incredible 360 ​​degree ocean views.

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Raw on 5

Equally bohemian yet sophisticated, Raw on 5 is a restaurant with an intimate atmosphere that offers an amazing array of seafood delicacies. An additional highlight of this incredible culinary experience is the unique view of the horizon. The dining options available at Magic Carpet® on Deck5 include simple dishes like shrimp salad, our famous lobster roll, sushi and sashimi, prepared by our experienced sushi chefs.

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The Magic Carpet

No thrill could be quite as incredible as the feeling of soaring through the air on our cantilevered Magic Carpet® up to 13decks above the sea. At first you might be wondering how we made the impossible possible. But then simply indulge in the feeling of floating over the endless horizon while enjoying the gastronomic offer or simply letting your soul dangle. But the Magic Carpet® is not just one magical place, but several at the same time - and with every transformation you have unprecedented opportunities to experience it anew.

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The Little Chef

Using innovative technology developed by Skullmapping and presented by TableMation™ Studios, at Le Grand Bistro we bring your tabletop to life with a brand new Le Petit Chef™ experience. Animated characters will appear next to your plate and prepare each course you enjoy before your very eyes before it is served to you. A combination of entertainment and food awaits you like you've never experienced before.

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Exquisite dishes and unique service in a very special classic ambience can be experienced in the specialty restaurant Murano. Finest wines and exquisite cheeses round off the offer in this gourmet restaurant. Aboard Celebrity Solstice, Celebrity Equinox, Celebrity Eclipse, Celebrity Silhouette and Celebrity Reflection.

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Tuscan Grille

Experience exquisite culinary delights and special service with a spectacular panoramic view at the Italian steakhouse Tuscan Grille. Traditional recipes and the craftsmanship of Italy combine with modern influences. You will remember your visit to this specialty restaurant for a particularly long time. Aboard Celebrity Constellation, Celebrity Eclipse, Celebrity Equinox, Celebrity Infinity, Celebrity Reflection, Celebrity Solstice, Celebrity Silhouette and Celebrity Summit.

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Sushi on Five

Our take on modern luxury Sushi and traditional Japanese dishes accompanied by sake and imported beers.

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Lawn Club Grill

The first interactive open-air grill restaurant on the high seas will spoil you with the finest grilled dishes. For example, how about a fillet steak freshly fried according to your specifications? Views of the Lawn Club's real lawn and ocean take dining to a whole new level. Incidentally, you can organize your own barbecue party here together with a celebrity chef. A real highlight for your vacation. Aboard the Celebrity Reflection and Celebrity Silhouette.

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The Porch

Relax here with a great view of the sea and the green lawns of the Lawn Club. Here we serve fresh and healthy dishes such as soups, salads or panini for breakfast and lunch. Aboard Celebrity Silhouette and Celebrity Reflection.

Restaurants at no extra charge

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Luminae – Exclusive to Suite Class guests

In Celebrity Cruises' first exclusive Suite Class restaurant "Luminae", which stands out due to its special light and design, you can enjoy excellent food and fine wines on board the entire fleet (except Celebrity Expedition). Offered only once during a two-week cruise, the intricately created new menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner feature locally sourced, regional and seasonal ingredients inspired by the diverse destinations across the seven continents.

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As a guest of the AquaClass wellness cabins, you can enjoy the finest dishes in the Blu, your exclusive spa restaurant for breakfast and dinner. In addition to good steaks and fine desserts, we serve you a truffle vinaigrette with your beef fillet instead of a Béarnaise sauce, for example. This is how you stay fit and in shape during your holiday. AquaClass guests only (Suites guests subject to availability with a suggested $5 tip). Aboard Solstice and Millennium class cruise ships.

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main restaurants

Discover the masterful cuisine, exceptional service and magnificent sea views in the most exclusive atmosphere in the spectacular on-board restaurants.

Restaurants & specialty restaurants on board (20)

Restaurant Cosmopolitan

The Cosmopolitan Restaurant reflects the current main dining experience across our entire fleet that keeps so many of our guests coming back to us. It represents the next evolution of our current main restaurants and showcases our culinary expertise like no other restaurant. The walk-in wine exhibit at the entrance sets the stage for the incredible cuisine you'll enjoy here - New American cuisine with global influences.

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Restaurant Cyprus

This restaurant is particularly close to our hearts as it represents the Greek origins of our company. That's why we hired the creative minds at interior design firm Simeone Deary for Celebrity Beyond to give Restaurant Cyprus a fresh new look. Inspired by Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty, the team created a heavenly ambience that perfectly combines delicate and airy elements with brilliant gold and sculptural accents. The result is a truly majestic place where all goddesses and gods are guaranteed to gather for a sublime feast—precisely because it is worthy of gods and goddesses. Despite the redesigned interior, Cyprus's delicious menus continue to focus on seafood and simple, clean dishes in the form of dishes and drinks typical of the Mediterranean region.

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Restaurant Normandie

Inspired by our elegant Murano specialty restaurant on several of our ships, Restaurant Normandie offers contemporary French cuisine in a modern and sophisticated setting that evokes the romance of Parisian summers - in the hues of cherry blossoms. The Normandy Restaurant is truly the French Quarter among the main restaurants on our Edge class ships.

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Tuscan Restaurant

Inspired by our hugely popular specialty restaurant Tuscan Grille, Tuscan Restaurant takes its success to new heights. Step inside and discover Italian-inspired cuisine in an equally enticing setting, characterized by a modern yet classic design and inspired by the world of Italian fashion and film.

Restaurants & specialty restaurants on board (24)

The Spa Café and Juice Bar

Fresh and delicious aromas await you here after a relaxing spa stay. You'll love our creative take on healthy cuisine with nutritious salads and a goop* signature smoothie.

Restaurants & specialty restaurants on board (25)

Mast Grill

Enjoy the sea view and satisfy your hunger with a burger, a fresh salad or a delicious sandwich in a relaxed atmosphere by the pool. There's no better place to enjoy hearty fare than the Mast Grill on the upper deck.

Restaurants & specialty restaurants on board (26)

Eden Cafe

Cafe Eden offers a wide range of morning drinks and delicious bites in a casual atmosphere. Three floors of glass offer plenty of room for the bright glow of the morning sun, creating a friendly and airy atmosphere - which transforms from breakfast to lunch as the morning progresses. There are also al fresco dining options on either side of the café.

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Oceanview Café

Included dining options aboard Celebrity Beyond include well-known and well-loved guest favorites with a wide variety of dining experiences. One of those favorites is the ever-popular Oceanview Café. True to the name, the huge, two-story floor-to-ceiling windows offer breathtaking views. The Oceanview Cafe's outdoor dining area has been designed to flow seamlessly into the newly designed two-story Sunset Bar. With a wide range of international fare - morning, lunch and dinner - you'll find old and new favorites with every visit.


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