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There are some fantastic events that take place in the North Yorkshire region on an annual basis – wine tasting fairs, conferences and exhibitions, not to mention one-off weddings that take place in the beautiful countryside around the major towns of the area.

Event hire in North Yorkshire is serviced by Event Hire UK’s Bradford sales and distribution centre which is well stocked with all types of equipment for event hire such as furniture hire, catering equipment hire North Yorkshire and cutlery and glass hire. With such as well stocked distribution centre offering everything you need under one roof, why would you go elsewhere?

Hire equipment for events in North Yorkshirefrom us as you will find that we offer competitive prices and top class customer service. Event Hire UK is a nationwide event hire company serving not only North Yorkshire but also the whole of the country. Our clients expect and demand the finest quality event hire equipment and that is exactly what we aim to provide to each and every client.

Event Hire UK makes equipment for event hire North Yorkshire simple and straightforward – large scale events or small family gatherings at home, Event Hire UK can help, so contact us today!

We regularly deliver to York, Harrogate, Ripon, Skipton, Richmond, Northallerton, Middlesbrough &Pickering. We also deliver to most other locations in North Yorkshire.

Furniture Hire North Yorkshire

For those people looking to hire furniture in North Yorkshire, then online Event Hire UK is the perfect place to shop. Whether you need traditional chairs to hire or contemporary tables for hire North Yorkshire, we are sure to be able to service all your needs from our fully stocked Bradford sales and distribution centre, and our team are also able to cater for any last minute requests when needed.

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In the summer months, wedding chair hire is very popular, as the North Yorkshire region is blessed with some beautiful countryside which is perfect for marquee weddings and big county house venue settings. Hire wedding chairs from Event Hire UK and you will find that you can choose from a selection of colours and styles, most of which also come with interchangeable seat pad colours, enabling you to match your furniture hire with the existing colour scheme of your event. We have the classic Chiavari chair hire North Yorkshirealong with Napoleon chair hire North Yorkshire along with our range of more modern Banquo ghost chairs to hire which are increasing in popularity all the time. You might also want conference chairs for exhibitions or conferences for example, many of which take place throughout the year in stylish towns such as Harrogate and Skipton, for example. Our range of cross back wedding chair hire North Yorkshire is also popular as brides and grooms look for something super-special for their big day.

Of course, furniture hire is not simply confined to chairs and table hire, although for some small event hire companies it may well be. Not forEvent Hire UK, however – we offer a one-stop-shop for all your furniture hire requirements whatever your event, so yes we provide tables and chairs for hire but also other furniture hire such as leather sofas to hire, office furniture to hire such as desks and tables, portable bar hire North Yorkshire as well all the other furniture to accompany this such as bar stools and bar tables to hire. We also offer dance floors for hire which are extremely popular for summer weddings and Christmas party nights at big hotels in North Yorkshire.

Whatever hire furniture you need, we will have it! Why not give us a call now to discuss your requirements.

Catering Equipment Hire North Yorkshire

With the high quantity of events taking place in North Yorkshire, it should come as no surprise to find that catering equipment hire in North Yorkshireis in huge demand. So, calling all wedding planners North Yorkshire, caterers, event organisers and corporate hospitality event organisers, please make sure you hire catering equipment well in advance of your event. Whilst our Bradford stocks a vast amount of equipment for catering in Yorkshire, there isn’t a limitless amount, and so we look forward to you placing your order well in advance.

What equipment products for catering are most popular? Well, we find that in the summer, all the catering equipment you would need for canapé events and buffet-style events are popular. Of course, with the advent of the summer months comes warm weather and, so the need for hot meals diminishes, although the traditional wedding breakfast is still popular, which requires all sorts of hot cupboards, hot serveries, bains marries for hire and so on.

You also need to bear in mind that when considering what equipment catering hire you will need, to make sure you consider the front of house and back of house. Front of house catering equipment such as serving plates, soup serveries and so on need to be highly polished, clean and in great condition. Back of house equipment for catering hire needs to be functional but also clean and efficient. And don’t forget those additional accessories to ensure that you mobile kitchen hire runs smoothly such as bottle skips and jackstacks for hire, for example.

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Equipment hire for catering North Yorkshire has never been simpler due to the fact that Event Hire UK’s Bradford distribution centre is on the doorstep. Most of our clients will take advantage of our reasonably priced delivery and collection service straight to your door, although you are of course welcome to collect your event hire equipment directly from our Bradford distribution centre – we welcome visits from old and new clients alike and, rest assured, there will always be someone there to help you with loading!

We hope to hear from you soon.

China Hire North Yorkshire

Event Hire UK, when it comes to crockery hire and china hire in North Yorkshire, has perhaps the largest range of quality china to hire in the region and also the largest inventory of crockery hire for you to choose from. It’s all well and good wanting to hire china from a local event hire company but the chances are that you will be confined to a single style of crockery, whether it be plain china to hire or patterned china for hire.

Why not discover our range of fine dining luxury crockery rental here online at Event Hire, offering coupe plate hire North Yorkshire and much more such as coloured plates and stoneware plates – when you hire this speciality crockery, you can be sure that it will make sure your event stands out from the crowd!

Whatever it is, you are likely to receive a single style of cutlery hire on offer and, depending upon the time of year, all the relevant pieces of hire cutlery may not be available. This is, of course, the benefit of working together with a national event hire company such as Event Hire UK as we have huge buying power across the country which translates into great prices, great condition of cutlery and great availability due to the quantity of cutlery hire items that we stock at any one time.

Cutlery Hire North Yorkshire

Cutlery equipment hire in North Yorkshire is simply being as Event Hire UK’s Bradford sales and distribution centre is easy to find, close enough to service all your requirements and convenient in terms of location for the North Yorkshire region. Few event hire companies in the UK are truly national. Event Hire UK, however, offers delivery and collection of equipment cutlery for hire in North Yorkshirewhich is unrivalled in the region. Our delivery service, carried out by a friendly and professional team, is available should you so wish or, alternatively, you can collect from our Bradford sales and distribution centre in person.

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So, if you are looking to hire cutlery in North Yorkshire, then you are in the right place – browse our online cutlery selections on our website of knives, forks, spoons and many other pieces of cutlery to hire in different ranges – both traditional and modern – and get in contact with us today. We work successfully with clients up and down the country and specifically in the North Yorkshire area, so put your faith in us today – we are award winning for a reason! You can choose from a variety of different ranges of event cutlery to best suit your needs, whether this is stainless steel cutlery hire North Yorkshire or perhaps our stylish and elegant range of luxury gold cutlery hire North Yorkshire which is sure to provide a real talking point and that special WOW factor for your guests!

Cutlery hire should be well up the list of your event hire needs list, as your guests will demand that your hire cutlery presented to them at your event such as at a wedding table or conference buffet lunch, is in excellent condition and thoroughly cleaned. Not doing this seriously jeopardises the overall success of your event and the impression that your guests will leave with.

Due to the fact that Event Hire UK is a national award winning event hire company, we are able to provide you with all the cutlery hire you will need for your event in North Yorkshire. We have table knives and forks for hire as well as dessert knives, forks and spoons to hire. Furthermore, our range of soup spoons, tea spoons, coffee spoons and serving spoons perfectly complement the other pieces in our various ranges of both traditional and modern hire cutlery equipment.

From our Bradford sales and distribution centre, we are able to provide all the hire cutlery in North Yorkshire requirements from our clients, old and new, and we aim to provide the same level of top quality customer service to each and one of these. Our reputation for quality and service has been built up over the years through sheer hard work and attention to detail, and putting the customer at the forefront of everything we do.

Let us help you make your event a complete success. Cutlery hire equipment in North Yorkshireis simple and straightforward with Event Hire, as testified to by many of our existing clients, so why not put your faith in us today!

Glassware Hire North Yorkshire

Glassware hire for events is one of those considerations overlooked when planning an event. We all know that event planning can be stressful and sometimes complicated with lots to remember! However,glassware hire North Yorkshirejust got easier with Event Hire UK.

This is because you are able to order all your hire glassware needs in one place. Long gone are the days of hiring glasses at supermarkets and committing to buying a certain amount of wine from them – you can now hire wine glasses in whatever quantity you need – in single figures, double figures or treble figures, we have them all! Rest assured that all our glassware hire comes to you in pristine condition, table ready for your event, large or small, wherever you are in the North Yorkshire area.

And our range of glasses to hire North Yorkshire is much more than hire wine glasses. Choose according to you event what hire glasses you need and select from our massive range of sherry and port glasses for hire, Grand Cepages for hire, cocktail, tumblers, hi-balls and mulled wine glass hire North Yorkshire, especially popular of course around the Christmas festive period.

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Discover our ranges of fine dining glassware hire North Yorkshire online, enabling you to create out-of-this-world events and dining occasions.

Don’t forget, of course, that the term glassware doesn’t simply mean glasses for hire. Glassware at award winning Event Hire UKalso encompasses water jugs to hire for your bar area and wedding tables, for example, along with glass serving plates on which to serve canapes and finger food.

Ultimately, when you hire glassware in North Yorkshire, you want to know that you will receive high quality glasses at competitive prices, in good condition and with fast, reliable and accurate delivery and collection. This is a winning formula and our clients realise that national specialist Event Hire UKcan provide exactly this. Call us today to discuss your requirements!

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