20 beautiful restaurants in Essen that you should try (2023)

Essen can also boast a diverse gastronomic scene. We have put together a potpourri of culinary options so that you don't lose track of the Ruhr city. No matter what you decide - you can't go wrong here. You can find more restaurant tips in the current issue offood is running out.

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Restaurants Dining Downtown | South Quarter | Ruettenscheid


There is home-style cooking in the Kiepenkerl on the edge of Essen's shopping mile. Thomas Stolle has a sense of the traditional, but does not limit himself unnecessarily. In addition to classics such as Wiener Schnitzel or scrambled eggs with potatoes and bacon, the menu also includes dishes such as vegan Thai curry with coconut milk and sweet potatoes or Gambas à la Pil Pil. A restaurant for every occasion.
Kiepenkerl, Teichstrasse 1, Essen

rich green

The lush green in the city center is an offshoot of the Düsseldorf original. The concept: Vegan! Both dishes that are supposed to be meat substitutes (e.g. Hungarian goulash with sliced ​​soy) and delicacies that are vegan from the start are served. In addition to the food, everything around it is also sustainable: packaging, cutlery and coffee mugs are compostable.
rich green, Rathenaustr. 2, food


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In the Bistecca they are fully committed to the perfect preparation of meat and fish of any kind. Based on the concept of the New York Grillrooms, you can choose the piece you want from the glazed and freely visible maturing chamber and then have it prepared as you wish: burger, rib eye or filet, what would you like? On the nautical side of the map, on the other hand, only wild catch is served.
Steak, Rüttenscheider Strasse 2, Essen

Fancy beef?

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Gin & Jagger

When “cafe, bar, brasserie” and “international crossover” are announced here, it is not just a statement. First of all, the ambience is pleasing: dark, stylish and urban. A long counter is waiting for the bar tiles. Of course, it's different at the back, where the guest can expect the rather cozy beer garden, of course with the shop's nice range of food and drinks. In terms of cuisine, the focus is on what is so often dubbed “soul food” everywhere, which is nothing more than a well-done and unblinkered mixture of fast-food styles from all over the world. This includes burgers like curries, chic steaks and seasonal salads, currywurst like ratatouille.
Gin & Jagger, Rüttenscheider Str. 181, Essen

Bliss Tapas Bar

Tapas are the perfect choice for anyone suffering from severe decision-making difficulties. A good address in Essen for small delicacies is the Bliss Tapas Bar in Rüttenscheid. Not only Spanish originals are served here, but variations from all over the world - just in tapas form. You have 30 different options to choose from. So maybe there are problems with the decision again...
Bliss Tapas Bar, Rüttenscheider Strasse 237, Essen

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Vegan, colorful and aesthetic, these are the three adjectives that probably best characterize colourfulness. The interior is kept simple, individual colorful impulses, such as the serviettes, bring in the skilful contrast here. The menu is short, but changes according to the season. In addition, the dishes are a real feast for the eyes. Insider tip is the weekly Sunday brunch with homemade rolls, spreads and antipasti.
Colorful, Franziskastrasse 69, Essen

coal power plant

Burgers and beer are a proven combination. In the coal power plant, the coal is used for the burgers and the craft for the beer. Craft beer: Pale Ale, IPA, Trappist, Special Brewing, whatever your heart desires. The burgers are made from freshly minced minced meat and come in a small, classic selection - quality over quantity here. There are also some soups and salads as well as vegetarian burgers.
coal power plant, Rüttenscheider Strasse 14, Essen

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Jeannette's Little Cellar

Here the work is strictly seasonal and regional - accordingly, the menu of the Cave de Jeannette changes almost daily. The predicates "Mediterranean" and "French" give an approximate orientation. A reservation is strongly recommended as the restaurant is very popular and there is room for a maximum of 25 people in the basement.
Jeannette's Little Cellar, Kortumstrasse 47, Essen

crime scene food

Upscale cuisine without appearing stubborn - the Tatort Essen makes it possible. The claim of chef de cuisine Jean Mathis: Market-fresh, seasonal cuisine in exciting compositions, without additives and flavor enhancers. Accordingly, there is no fixed menu, but a changing menu - it's worth coming back! Around 40 guests can be comfortably seated in the corner restaurant, and when the weather is nice, part of the Rü is included in the crime scene.
crime scene food, Rüttenscheider Strasse 182, Essen

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The grappa

You can get Italian cuisine away from the same pizza and pasta monotony at La Grappa in the southern district, and have been for 40 years. Whether carpaccio with foie gras, pigeon on balsamic vinegar or risotto with porcini cream: this is how La Dolce Vita works! There is no pizza here, but there is an excellent selection of wines and a lunch option.
The grappa, Rellinghauser Strasse 4, Essen

Paul’s Brasserie

A brasserie is not a restaurant, pub or bistro, but stands for well-made French cuisine. In Paul's Brasserie there are no frills, but handmade and with good service. There are various fish dishes on the menu, but there is also room for a three-course lunch menu – if you want more than a doner kebab by twelve.
Paul’s Brasserie, Huyssenallee 7, Essen

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The interior can definitely be booked as a stylish ambience, a color scheme that fully corresponds to the motto of the house and promises a meal like in 1001 Nights. And the cuisine remains one of the best in the region. The bowl brigade consists of 40 starters at one euro each, with which four people alone could spend a relaxed evening. If you don't want to be distracted by such a wide variety, you can grab an aubergine, falafel or salad plate. There's always flatbread.
Arabesque, Rellinghauser Str. 117, Essen


In the Salina, the front counter area creates a reserved lounge ambience. If the guest walks past the counter, the spacious common room beckons. A dark and atmospheric, rustically furnished area. Lots of wood, tables for groups (tapas are a nice treat for a team) are generously spaced. For beginners, we recommend the “Tapas mixta” plate, after a great fresh welcome bread with dip. Guest favorites are marinated goat cheese with honey and rosemary needles and the formidable tomato and chili aioli.
Salina, Rellinghauser Str. 423, Essen

Restaurant am Park

Bistro at lunchtime, restaurant in the evening – that's the restaurant at the park. The evening menu, which changes seasonally, impresses with hearty classics and sophisticated experiments in equal measure, while in the bistro you can enjoy a brunch buffet, cake table and lunch. But because you are in the heart of Essen, the currywurst should not be missing from the menu.
Restaurant am Park, Huyssenallee 55, Essen


Turkish cuisine is quickly associated with doner kebabs in this country, although it can do a lot more (not that I have anything against doner). At Tablo you can embark on a culinary journey to the Bosphorus, which knows how to boast above all with a full-bodied fish cuisine: Dorade, sole, turbot or loup de mer you can choose for yourself in the refrigerated display case. This is accompanied by fragrant, spicy vegetable compositions. In addition to the fish menu, there are also (lamb) meat dishes and vegetarian options.
Table, Huyssenallee 5, Essen

Restaurants Essen Heisingen | city ​​forest

Restaurant Anneliese

The Anneliese restaurant is located in Heisingen and is served by chef de cuisine Sascha Nicks with a skilful mix of German and French cuisine and an important pinch of seasonality. This love of combinations is reflected above all in the menus with four or six courses, in which you can expect a culinary all-round first class.
Restaurant Anneliese, Petzelsberg 10, Essen

Sushi is King...

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Jagdhaus Schellenberg

You can get a delicious meal with a fantastic view of Lake Baldeney at Jagdhaus Schellenberg. In addition to its two dining rooms, the green restaurant also has a large outdoor area that is particularly popular with walkers and cyclists. But the kitchen doesn't have to hide behind it, as it comes with many creative crossover ideas around the corner.
Jagdhaus Schellenberg, Heisinger Strasse 170a, Essen

Cavos Couzina

Cavos Couzina offers Greek cuisine with a focus on fish and seafood. The motto is less standard, more new accents. In addition to the fish selection, the meat specialties such as Bifteki with mashed potatoes and veal reduction are also convincing. In addition, there is the wine list, which, in addition to German products, mainly offers Greek, but also Italian and Spanish wines.
Cavos Couzina, Kampmannbrücke 33, Essen

Restaurants Essen Kettwig | Become

The Bonn Court

Would you like a short break in Spain? Then off to the Bonner Hof in Kettwig. There is not Rhenish cuisine here, but a culinary trip to the Canary and Mallorcan realms. Accordingly, there are many maritime dishes, such as the highly recommended Mallorcan fish pot, with fish, prawns, mussels and Mediterranean vegetables in a spicy tomato sauce.
The Bonn Court, Kringsgat 14, Essen


A small menu that meets a wide range of requirements - this is the demand in the skipper's kitchen. The core drive is the will to create, the results uncomplicated and nevertheless - or just nevertheless - convincing. The ingredients come fresh to the house several times a week, often from nearby farms. In addition to the evening menu, there is also a somewhat simpler but also cheaper lunch menu.
Schiffers, Brückstrasse 20, Essen

Restaurants in the Ruhr area

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